Italian Censored

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Production Year 2015

Continuous Production

A scent that opens a Time gate, between the Past – the Italian perfumery tradition as an olfactory canon - and the Future: innovation in making and language made by perfume maker Angelo Orazio Pregoni.

"Italian": a trademark that in the whole world means beautiful, fine, but that can easily fall into stereotypes. "Censored": "censored" – literally - of a style and an approach to perfumery. Whatever also "Censored" in the sense of its creator.

A green wing.

In white bakelite, with flashes and shades of black, and clear glass, hand finished. A hemispherical cap gives balance and elegance to the whole bottle. Colours play with the Italian flag: green and red on white background.

Italian Censored was welcomed as natural evolution of the experience of Angelo Orazio Pregoni, which compares with the Italian perfumery tradition more directly than he ever did before, succeeding in playing with stereotypes and clichés without getting trapped, but rather rediscovering a different topical.

Classic, kitsch, sunny, Italian.

The fragrance was created to bring together all the characteristics of Italian perfumery, from the classic to the most innovative, up to those which resulted in unintentional kitsch, here instead recreated and tested expertly. An unusual vetiver, with unisex features, flourishes alongside jasmine, rose and divergent hints as banana and coconut, but quickly returns to breathe an Italian atmosphere, with a Tuscan tobacco and notes of Mediterranean citrus fruits, up to an extraordinary coffee.


Italy, sea, citrus, boxing, champion, pizza, match, beautiful country, rings, challenge, kitsch, cliché, stereotype, boxer, spaghetti, flag, anthem, country, boot, Tuscan, espresso coffee.

  • Size 50 ml

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