Gothic Censored

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Production Year 2016

Continuous Production

Inspired, like the whole “Censored” line, to the perfumery stereotypes, with which this fragrance plays to contrast the banality and repetitiveness of the traditional themes of marketing and communications with a really creative and original content of perfume and concepts.

"Gothic" is the adjective that binds this fragrance in one of the hottest trends in the world of perfumes, with the specific intention, however, to reveal the superficial interpretation and lightened that marketing has just done. "Censored" is instead a reminder of Sacred that maintains inseparable ties with Gothic, through a figure always ambiguous in its moral identity, even before gender. Finally, "Censored" is again the same Angelo Orazio Pregoni, "messenger" of a new concept of perfumery.

A blue wing

In white bakelite, with flashes and shades of black and clear glass, hand finished. A hemispherical cap gives balance and elegance to the whole bottle. Blue is because the inhabitants of the Ancient Empire of Rome was the colour of invading barbarians (more precisely of their eyes), the "Goths" from which the word originates.

With Gothic Censored, Angel Orazio Pregoni continues his confrontation / reinterpretation of the perfumery stereotypes - in this case dark / gothic trends especially – to which he wants to give a content of value, beyond the pure surface.

Dark, grotesque, mystic, undercover.

This scent redefines a style through its own deformation, putting in place an operation in the now famous grotesque manner of O'DRIÙ: O'Driuesque. A balanced superposition of different incenses gives rise to conflicting suggestions yet perfectly complementary, suspended between Holy and magic, heavenly and earthly, light and darkness, as the Gothic style that inspired this fragrance.

Gothic, dark, incense, sacred, gargoyle, spire, vampire, blood, darkness, divine, Cathedral, stereotype, love, romantic, rain, night, terror, charm, seduction.

  • Size 50 ml

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