This terms are referred and applicable to the website at,,,, irrespectively to the specific URL.
PLEASURE FACTORY wish to thank you (hereafter named User) for having visited this site (hereafter named “website”), moreover asks the User to pay particular attention to the information hereunder which structures the access conditions applicable to all Users upon access to the website. Using the site and it’s services you willingly accept to be this use ruled by the whole set of rules and conditions about Legal information and conditions of use of the website, Your Privacy, Cookie Policy, Terms of e-commerce services, that you can read starting from the hyperlinks at the bottom of each page of this site. The User accepts entirely and without exception all said conditions. Should the User not wish to accept such conditions the User is asked to leave the website immediately.

1. General Introduction

  1. This is only a translation, the only valid and binding document is the Italian one

  2. The website “,,,” is an internet service connected to the PLEASURE

    FACTORY business activities;

  3. The internet service is offered by PLEASURE FACTORY from the Italian territory and abides by the Italian law currently in force.

  4. Should a User access the website from any territory other than the Italian Republic, the User automatically accepts that the only juridical

    authority is that of the Italian Republic and renounces any other juridical form.

  1. The e-commerce service is ruled by the specific “Terms of e-commerce services” and by the Italian law.

  2. The User hereby declares to have the necessary linguistic knowledge to fully understand the original document and that the Italian language is

    known equivalent to mother tongue whatever be the User’s native language.

  3. With this website service PLEASURE FACTORY does not intend to engage in any form of contract of any nature, whether in its own interest or

    with any person involved in the functioning of the website service or the possible website sponsors; either, no contract can be deduced as an

    effect of the service release and/or access and/or use of the same.

  4. All costs deriving from the purchase of access devices or connection costs to internet are wholly bared by the User.

2. Definitions

  1. “,,,” or “the website”: this definition refers to the domain name, to the website which can be visited by anyone who accesses it, to the support services provided by the website, to the technological infrastructure, to the contents, to the secondary services provided by the website and any right to intellectual property.

  2. PLEASURE FACTORY: PLEASURE FACTORY S.r.l. with its legal headquarters in via Santa Sofia 22 Milan, Italy and operational headquarters in viale Gorizia 22 Milan, Italy, partita IVA (Tax number) IT07241800965, e-mail, is hereby also referred to as “PLEASURE FACTORY” or “The Publisher”.

3. Exclusion of guarantees

  1. The service is offered and provided by PLEASURE FACTORY in its current state, without any guarantee, and does not specify nor imply the duration, quality, contents or accuracy of the following; usability, functioning, continued supply, security and update; consequently, the User bears sole responsibility of access to the website and its use.

  2. The publication of the said website does not imply an obligation to provide access or to release authentication data. All eventual requests for access to the website are reviewed at the discretion of the Publisher who has the right to grant or deny access.

  3. Also, the website does not provide any guarantee regarding third party services which are accessed by the User through a link from the website itself. In particular, neither PLEASURE FACTORY nor any person that either on their own behalf and/or interest work in the administration of this service offer a guarantee or accept responsibility for the editorial content of the service, nor for the content of the data distributed by the services of third parties or treated by external sources, which are the sole responsibility of the data providers.

  4. No responsibility, to any title, can be claimed and in this sense the User irrevocably renounces instantly any action regarding either PLEASURE FACTORY or persons that participate in the organisation of the service on its behalf for illicit deeds by a third party, which, personally and with the aid of computer programmes, either violates the integrity of the electronic archives of the service’s server used for its functioning, or violates the privacy of the correspondence carried through this service, or alters the server’s programmes resulting in their operation in a manner that doesn’t conform to their original installation, or uses the server covertly to distribute documents that violate the Italian legislation on the authors’ rights or other norms applicable to the specific case.

  1. By accessing the website the User fully accepts, without exception, that under no circumstances may the persons involved in the realisation of the website be held responsible for loss of profit or damages, directly or indirectly, of any kind (including the loss of and/or damage to data), deriving from the use of information obtained through the website or by resorting to services provided by this website.

  2. PLEASURE FACTORY expressly reserves the unilateral right to partially or totally limit the possibility of access of a User and to deactivate or cancel an access account (User’s username and password) without prior notice or communication. Instantly the User renounces, fully and without exception, holding PLEASURE FACTORY in any way responsible for the cancellation of access to the website services.

4. Possible particular services supplied by the website

a. information and intellectual properties sharing Should the Website offer sharing devices to allow Users’ material to be transmitted to other Users or other persons, the following terms and conditions are wholly accepted:

  1. The User renounces all legal possession of the contents which can be used, duplicated and publicized.

  2. The User renounces to oppose the website master concerning the use of material placed on the website by other Users legitimately

    connected to the same.

  3. The User irrevocably authorizes the web master to publicize any available material on the website without adapting and protection devices to

    avoid duplication, copying or modification.

  4. The User renounces any compensation or indemnity of any form or sort which has not previously been specifically agreed upon in writing.

b. “web storage” - “web FTP” Whenever the website offers online archiving services, the User specifically renounces any guarantee of function, continuity and accessibility to such services. Furthermore, the User is obliged to use this service exclusively in accordance with Italian law. The service may be interrupted at any time without prior notice.

5. Copyright and rights of intellectual and industrial property

  1. The copyright to all parts of the website is held by PLEASURE FACTORY and/or the eventual owners of the rights of intellectual property, economic gain, and similar.

  2. PLEASURE FACTORY, Alchimia di Profumo, O’DRIÙ, ALLEGRADONNA, JMT, LABRAZO, LACCORDO, LADAMO, LAFRO, LALFEOGRIGIO, LALFEOROSA, LALTROVE, LAURHUM, LEVA, LIDEALE, Linea Arte, Linea Arte, Linea Genesi, Linea Haiku, Linea Su Misura, LINFEDELE, LINFEDELE HAIKU, LONCIALE, LONDA, mill’ecinque, mill’edue, mill’equattro, mill’esei, mill’etre, mill’euno, Mise en Abyme, Peety, Perfhumance, SUBCILIUM, SUPERCILIUM...con una C, VIS ET HONOR, XVERT, XVERT 1/2 are trademarks of PLEASURE FACTORY S.r.l. are trademarks and/or deposited marks of PLEASURE FACTORY S.r.l.; brands, concepts, design, descriptions, recipes of PLEASURE FACTORY products are exclusive properties of PLEASURE FACTORY according with Italian laws and international covenants.

  3. Reference to third parties company brands, or names of products, does not imply to their ownership of rights.

  4. The website is to be used solely for personal and/or documentation use and in no way linked to commercial activity. In the event of any reproduction of the website contents, “© PLEASURE FACTORY” must be sited on every relevant page. Any

reproduction of the website and/or of its contents for purposes other than those indicated herein must be granted written authorisation by


  1. No part of the contents of this website may be interpreted as any yielding of license or rights without explicit written permission from

    PLEASURE FACTORY or the third party proprietor of the rights.

  2. Access to the website, and all that can possibly be accessed from said website, and the eventual use of any content must always occur in

    accordance with the present conditions of use. We remind the User that any violation of said conditions and/or licences can carry serious

    consequences under applicable criminal law.

  3. In the event that the User sends information of any nature to the website, said dispatch is to be knowingly deemed by the User as unlimited

    authorisation for the use of such information, its archiving, processing, modification, publication and reproduction by any means and without time and space limits and with specific renunciation on the part of the User of any economic compensation, in anyway defined, that has not been expressly agreed upon in written form. The information sent in hard copy does not grant the right to the return of the format on which they were reproduced.

6. Security of links

  1. The website can be accessed by linking to computer tools hosted by computers that are remote in respect to your computer.

  2. The communication between the computer, whether through the exchange of memory supports or by means of a telematic network connection,

    carries a degree of risk to data security and processors.

  3. While accessing information via the internet, your computer could memorise programmes within its own memory support (known as computer

    viruses) developed intentionally by third parties for the purpose of diminishing the services of your electronic processor and/or damaging the data that you have saved and/or damaging the processor. Defence against this eventuality involves the installation of protective programmes. We suggest that the User takes into account this possibility in view of computer resources too.

  4. Besides illicit conduct by third parties, access to certain content available on the internet can carry the risk of reducing your computer’s “system resources” or causing conflict (incompatibility) with previously installed programmes. This could occur during simple data browsing and whenever you choose to store (download) data or entire programme files onto your computer. We therefore recommend that the User takes these risks into consideration with reference to the specifications of your computer and consult the instructions provided by the data or programmes suppliers whenever available.

7. Personal access data

  1. The User is hereby informed that the user ID (username, alphanumeric code individual to the User) and the key word (password, alphanumeric access authorisation code) are personal and not transferable. The violation of said requirement, as for any loss of this information that is not promptly communicated to the assistance service, is the responsibility of the User.

  2. In the aim of users’ protection and for a stricter Italian laws compliance, PLEASURE FACTORY may activate logging and authentication

systems, so to segment users an offer specific contents related to possible binding Italian rules (age, occupation and other possible categories). PLEASURE FACTORY will collect personal data counting on the User bona fide: filling the provided forms and sending them to PLEASURE FACTORY, the User declares under its own civil and criminal liability that information are true, correct and complete. PLEASURE FACTORY reserves itself to prosecute in the full jurisdiction of the Italian rules and regulations and by those otherwise applicable Users that would access the website giving a deceptive representation about their own identity or personal conditions.

8. Third parties contents achievable from the website

a. The availability of links to external services from the website does not infer, for any reason whatsoever, any guarantee, whether implied or explicit, by PLEASURE FACTORY of the contents available in such services.

9. Personal responsibility

a. The User recognises that the use of every service that allows data to be inserted into the network is regulated by the general principles of the law concerning responsibility for the declaration content and/or for the protection of authors’ rights, without the exclusion of every other applicable specific regulation.

10. Closure norms and sole competent court

a. The present conditions of use do not constitute any contractual agreement or other between PLEASURE FACTORY and the Users of the website or their assigns.

  1. PLEASURE FACTORY reserves the right to change the terms and conditions of use at any time, by simply publishing the new conditions on the website. Continued use of the service following the modification of the conditions of use will imply acceptance of the new conditions of use. PLEASURE FACTORY reserves the entitlement to exercise the right to terminate the service of and/or the supply to the User, without being subjected to any claim by the User.

  2. Any use of the website in violation of the present conditions is strictly prohibited and constitutes a violation of the intellectual property rights that will be prosecuted in the full jurisdiction of the Italian rules and regulations and by those otherwise applicable.

  3. Any controversy relating to or arising from the present agreement will be passed to the sole competence of the Court of Milan, Italy.