November, 6th 1970 end of January 2023

Born: second son, baptized, poet, tormented, violent, arrogant, brawling, revengeful, capable, limitless, free.

Died: for some minutes at the age of five.

At other times he would die: starving, syphilis, gonorrhea, revolution, heresy, white weapon.

He knew: dishonor, contempt, humiliation, deceit, betrayal, poverty.

He searched for: a new combat sport, an escape from Genoa, a life in Buenos Aires, a life in Geneva, a sister, a recommendation, the vocation to the priesthood, to get drunk.

He refused: conformism, working in a bank, the compromise, negotiation, influential friends, the army.

Not recalled: birthdays, names, duties, women, former employees, Masses, debts.

He found: a dog, a brother, a dancer, a great sense of humor, philosophy.

He is not: religious, superstitious, loyal, bland, rich, full of health.

Smokes: the Tuscan cigar.

Drinks: quite enough.

Dances: Argentine Tango.

Suffers: from asthma, from depression, from anxiety, of omnipotence.

He has been defined: gurus, fetid, filthy, shaman, brilliant, bastard, charismatic, asshole, pimp, liar, poor, gentle, lazy, versatile, hardworking, nihilistic, dandies, elegant, Dadaist, Surrealist, immoral, selfish, brilliant, eccentric, sui generis seducer, chaotic, visionary, symbolist, dissolute, romantic, sadistic, ruthless, philosopher, optimistic, magical.